Tilt your device to roll out of danger in this action-packed marble maze!

The adorable denizens of Ball Galaxy have been abducted by claw cranes from outer space and trapped in a vending machine. Tilt, roll, and rush to outrun the invaders, gather coins, and save your friends!

Coming soon to Android and iOS.

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A screenshot of Tumble Rush with a cat ball rolling through some mushrooms
A screenshot of Tumble Rush with a candy apple preparing to be launched by a piston

  • Roll your way through hundreds of bite-sized levels — or try time trials or endless mode for a challenge
  • Avoid holes, dodge traps, and solve puzzles
  • Play with unique tilt controls, or swap to touch controls at any time
  • Collect dozens of cute characters and colourful stage themes
  • Funky soundtrack by Sean "CosmicGem" Bialo

A screenshot of Tumble Rush with a ball coated in pink goo by hovering machines
A screenshot of Tumble Rush with a frog about to be caught by claw cranes
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